Fairview Friends

Boomerang (center) welcomes Curly (left) and Quinn (right) , mother and daughter, to Fair View Farm.

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Farm History

Built in 1846 by John and Currence Sturdevant, the farm was originally 275 acres on the east side of Rt. 133 in Bridgewater Connecticut.

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Donkey Time

We greatly appreciate all of our wonderful donors who have helped us get to where we are today. Seeing your rescue is thriving is one of the most rewarding feelings!

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Since 1993

The Farm

Fair View Farm, Inc., was incorporated as a 501-(c)(3), non-profit animal sanctuary in 2019 in Bridgewater, Connecticut. We are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of our 4-legged friends in need. Our program includes horses, donkeys, mules, dogs, cats and some chickens. We look to provide educational opportunities as well as community service projects that increase awareness of the human/animal bond supporting organizations in the community.

While Fair View Farm Animal Sanctuary  enjoys working with other rescues whenever we can, we remain an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We have no affiliation with any other rescue organizations.


Visiting Fair View Farm

The sanctuary is located at the home of Eileen and Joe Buchheit, Bridgewater, Connecticut.  We have no "official" hours but welcome visitors BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!

An appointment can be made by calling the rescue: 860-354-3249. Please respect our privacy by calling ahead for an appointment.