About Us

Fair View Farm, the home, was built in 1846 by John and Currence Sturdevant and was originally 275 acres on the east side of Rt. 133 in Bridgewater, Connecticut. The land was deeded to the Sturdevants as a wedding present from John S., his father. John S. Sturdevant was a famous wagon and spinning wheel maker. Many of his “factory buildings” can be seen today on the west side of Rt. 133. His spinning wheels were much cherished and came in many styles. Today, if you have a Sturdevant spinning wheel, you have a family heirloom worth a small fortune.

In 1993, Joseph D. and Eileen M. Buchheit, purchased the land, now 3.5 acres, from the Bizer family. The Buchheits' retired in 2005 and began to care for animals in and around the area.

Throughout Joseph’s Army career of 24 years, the family moved 30 times including tours in Frankfurt, Germany and Rome, Italy. As New York City folk, they always shared a mutual interest in a rural life style. When they came to Bridgewater, they knew they had settled on their last move. With their 2.5 acres under pasture, they began to collect “geriatric” animals down on their luck as a way to “give back” for their many fortunes. Fair View Farm, Inc., was born out of that desire to “give back” to the community and care for animals who needed a little “lovin’”.


Visting Fair View Farm

The sanctuary is located at the home of Eileen and Joe Buchheit in Bridgewater, Connecticut.  We have no "official" hours but welcome visitors BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!

An appointment can be made by calling the rescue: 860-354-3249. Please respect our privacy by calling ahead for an appointment.